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Colon Danganronpa Danganronpa

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher, Fan, Actor, Dancer, Voice-over, Singer, Comedian, Model, Agent, Playwright, Casting Director, Director, Producer, Choreographer, Hair/Makeup, Scenic/Set Designer, Composer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Costume Designer, Marketing/Business, Stage Manager, Technician, Musical Director, Drama Teacher, Music Teacher, English Teacher, Professor, Vocal Coach, Curriculum Coordinator

Mezzo-Soprano Young Adult

  Exton, Pennsylvania


A-Wop Bop A-Loo Bop takes us back to the late 1950’s as Rock & Roll is taking the airwaves by storm. Roberta "Ruby" Lester and her friends are spunky teenagers with dreams of making it big in the music business. But sometimes dreams don’t go as planned. When the local radio station announces that “Rock‘n’Roll has got to go”, the kids take a stand for the music they love.

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Chad Danforth (Understudy)
The Fortnite Theater
Instagram Live
Gary Jones
Fortnite Studio

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Vocal Part


Vocal Range

C2 (low C) - B6

Dance Styles

Cha Cha

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My garage

Special Skills

Burger Stack (abcya game)