Demetric Selvey-Lockhart

Joined 6/19/2015

Demetric Selvey-Lockhart

Performer, Actor, Voice Over, Singer, Model

Alto Adult

  Tucker, Georgia

ABOUT Demetric

Georgia born and raised, I am a multi-talented and passionate actress, singer, songwriter and public speaker who has practically lived my life on the stage. From participating in church productions and winning talent shows in elementary school, actively participating in Thespian clubs and landing major roles in High School and community theatre productions, acting with leading entertainment companies, leading praise and worship at World Changers Church International, singing and speaking at community events to filming my first nationally sponsored movie it has been proven to me that the spotlight is not only on me, but it shines through me. Desiring to continue my dream of acting and singing professionally, I have decided to venture out into deeper waters.

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes


Karen Winters


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