Gregory Hancock

Joined 5/14/2015

Gregory Hancock

Baritone Mature Adult

  Lexington, Kentucky

ABOUT Gregory

Classically trained and highly versatile character actor – capable of bridging broad age spectrums and articulating diverse cultural idiosyncrasies; notable musical skills; acute sense of comic timing; exceptional ability to master text quickly and accurately. Special skills and characteristics: Sight-reads classical and contemporary music. Experienced builder and general contractor. Can ride or drive practically anything from a horse and motorcycle to a buckboard and an M60A1 Main Battle Tank; sailor and coastal navigator; accomplished sound engineer; combat trained (U.S. Army Ranger), lead guitarist for a classic rock and roll band.

Gregory's Credits


Studio Players, Lexington, Kentucky
Mummers & Minstrels, Inc., Anchorage, Kentucky

The Trip To Bountiful

Rose Barn Theatre, Richmond, Kentucky
Michael Anagnos
Studio Players, Lexington, Kentucky
Conductor/Constable Locke

The Christians

Elder Jay

The Big Meal

Man #1
Studio Players, Lexington, Kentucky

It's A Wonderful Life

Mr. Potter

A Kentucky Christmas

The Rev. Dr. Harper/Lt. Rooney

And Then There Were None

Thomas Rogers
Studio Players, Lexington, Kentucky
Judge Omar Gaffney
Woodford Theatre
Alexander Dumas
Woodford Theatre
Ali Hakim
West T. Hill Theatre, Danville, Kentucky

Skills & Training

Vocal Part


Vocal Range

E3 - F5

Dance Styles

6 Step Rock n Roll, Ballroom Cha Cha, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Square Dancing, Swing, Waltz, West Coast Swing

Education/ Training

BA, Georgetown College MA, University of Kentucky

Special Skills

Dialects (Greek, Middle Eastern, Western European, Southern American, Northeastern American) Music (Voice, guitar, keyboards) Music Sight Reading (Classical and contemporary) Comedy Shakespeare Stage combat Ballroom dance Equestrian

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