James Cabot

Joined 5/2/2023

James Cabot

Performer, Fan, Actor, Dancer, Singer

Baritone Mature Adult

  West Newbury, MA



I come to the theatre late in life, and have discovered a passion for a knack for acting. Since 2017, I have acted in fifteen amateur productions in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, in roles as diverse as Oberon in "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", Sidney Bruhl in "DeathTrap", Drake, Harold Ickes, and Lt. Ward in "Annie", Snyder and Jacobi in "Newsies", Old Henry in "The Fantasticks", and Walter Cunningham in To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm also an accomplished choral singer, having sung for "Cantemus" for 25 years.

James's Credits


Milford Area Players
Sidney Bruhl
Colonial Chorus Players
Drake, Harold Ickes, Lt Ward
Snyder, Jacobi
Stage 284
Old Henry
Bedford Off Broadway

• The Wizard of Oz

Uncle Henry, ensemble
Benny Southstreet

• Titanic

George Widener
Voices of Hope
Walter Cunningham
Stage 284

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Vocal Range

F#2/Gb2 - G4

Dance Styles

Freestyle Rock n Roll

Education/ Training

BA Amherst College

Special Skills

Solo and ensemble singing, jazz singing, some stage combat

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