Lex Cobb

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Lex Cobb

Performer, Fan, Actor, Voice-over, Singer

Mezzo-Soprano Late Teen

  Phoenix, Arizona



Lex is 17 years old and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. They are currently still in high school, but they are involved with theatre outside as well as in school. They act on stage and have voice acting experience. They are hard working and willing to try new things to put themself out there in show business.

Lex's Credits


Sunnyslope High School
Almost Famous Theatre Company
Rona Lisa Peretti
Sunnyslope High School
Teen Fiona
Sunnyslope High School

Charlotte's Web: The Musical

Edith Zuckerman

Jupiter Finch and All the Stars in the Midnight Sky

Jupiter Finch
Herbarium Podcasts

Skills & Training

Vocal Part


Vocal Range

E3 - C6 Soprano C (High C)

Dance Styles

Ballet, Jazz Ballet, Tap

Education/ Training

I have been taking vocal lessons on and off for 9 years with various teachers throughout Arizona and New York. I am currently being trained in classical madrigals through my school's vocal ensemble.

Special Skills

Cosmetology, Ukulele, Can Ride a Bike, Basic Understanding of Treble and Bass Clef, Voice Acting Experience, Has a Valid Passport, Can Swim, Can Draw and Paint with Watercolors and Acrylics

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