Nicole Forbus

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Nicole Forbus

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  Cincinnati, Ohio

ABOUT Nicole

My name is Nicole Rose & I was first bitten by the musical theatre bug at 4 years old; I did my first show, Annie, in preschool, & fell head over heels in love with the stage. I performed locally throughout my childhood into my teens, was professionally vocally trained by a Broadway vet (Janet Fritsch), & had high hopes for myself as a professional performer. I struggled tremendously as a young adult with depression, which sadly dashed my dream/goal, but I can say I’m quite fulfilled having (re)found my niche in local theatre groups after a 2-decade absence on stage. I’ve made some incredible friendships & have had some of the best times of my life; I cannot imagine anything ever again taking me away from my greatest passion: singing before a live audience.

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Summer Showcase

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Medda Larkin

Monica Lewinsky Impersonator

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St Louis local children’s theatres

Cincinnati Children’s Choir

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Cincinnati Children’s Choir

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