Rebecca Cain

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Rebecca Cain

Performer, Fan, Actor, Dancer, Singer

Mezzo-Soprano Early Teen

  Bethlehem, PA

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Hello! My name is Rebecca ( Becky) Cain, I'm also 13 years old.(I will be 14 April 16th 2017!) I've been doing acting for about two years now. I've been doing singing for a long time but I have been in my school's advanced singing group for about a year. I enjoy acting, singing, dancing, photography, and I also play soccer. Many people have claimed I have an amazing stage presence and a very bubbly personality. Of course I can easily manipulate my emotions from character to character.

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Wizard of Oz jr.

Munchkin #1 / Apple Tree #1 / Optimistic Voices / Oz Woman #1


Becky Thatcher

Pirates of Penzance jr.

Pirate / Samuel Understudy

YAS 2015 season

Cruella Deville / Aurora ( Milly's Mom)

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