Skylar Greenlee

Joined 8/27/2023

Skylar Greenlee

Performer, Actor, Dancer

Tenor Young Adult


  Leslie, MI

ABOUT Skylar

His mother tells him and ask him if he can get interested for acting. So, he can try to be interest in my acting career and when he took musicals and plays at the high school for the show. And he took theater and he went to Wharton Center for Performing Arts at East Lansing, Michigan for the show called Take It From the Top between all the kids, tweens, teens, and young adults are doing acting, dancing, and singing of the workshops. He took Center Stage Jackson and got interested then he went back to George E. Potter Center at Jackson College Campus and went to Baughman Theatre and part of the musical show called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and he played as Goran. He really enjoyed to be part of acting and dancing career in his biggest moments for the rest of his life.

Skylar's Credits


George E. Potter Center
Leslie High School
Leslie High School

Take It From the Top

Monsieur D’Arque
Leslie High School

Cheaper by the Dozen

Leslie High School
Leslie High School

Charlotte’s Web

Judge #3
Leslie High School
Leslie High School
Baby Bear
Leslie High School

Skills & Training

Vocal Part


Vocal Range

C2 (low C) - F6

Dance Styles

Argentine Tango, Cha Cha, Charleston, Foxtrot, Freestyle Rock n Roll, Jive, Line Dancing, Partner Dancing, Quickstep, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Swing, Tango, Tap, Viennese Waltz, Waltz

Education/ Training

Leslie High School Wharton Center for Performing Arts George E. Potter Center

Special Skills

Acting, Dancing, Memorizing, Performing, Narrating

Associated Companies