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300 1400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA

About Pioneer Theatre Company

Pioneer Theatre Company offers a wide range of exceptional theatre exploring the breadth of the human experience — challenging the intellect, stirring emotions, igniting imaginations and encouraging conversation.

A Reputation for Quality Salt Lake’s major regional theatre is located at the top of Broadway (300 South) and 1400 East. A fully professional theatre in-residence at the University of Utah, Pioneer Theatre Company produces a seven-play season, running from September through May. Each season includes a mixture of classics, large-scale musicals and contemporary dramas and comedies. Over the past ten years, it has developed a reputation for Broadway-quality productions and has mounted numerous Utah premieres and regional theatre premieres.

Notably, Pioneer Theatre Company was the first regional theatre in the country to earn the rights to produce Les Misérables, the closing musical of the 2006-2007 season. Running for a record 82 sold-out performances, Les Misérables cemented PTC’s reputation as a theatre capable of producing large-scale, difficult productions.

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Michael R. Morningstar

Performer, Fan, Actor

  MN 55124, USA

2 productions

Breana Smith

  Independence, MO

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