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Winnetka, IL, USA

About Big Noise Theatre

By the 2005-2006 season, we decided that a new name was in order and chose Big Noise Theatre.

The company's relationship with Winnetka and the Winnetka Community House is ongoing. We produced our first "especially for kids" show in 2005 and spent many hours at the Winnetka Community House rehearsing for the shows of both companies due to the excellent support we continue to receive from the Winnetka Community House staff.

Nancy Flaster served as the company's Artistic Director for many years and provided the leadership that encouraged us to aspire to even greater heights as we managed our winter weekend "Especially For Kids" shows under the Winnetka Theatre name at the Winnetka Community House and our 3-show season in Des Plaines under the Big Noise Theatre name.

Remarkable among area theatres, Winnetka Theatre/Big Noise Theatre remains an independent entity, not affiliated or supported by any Park District. It is managed by a volunteer Board of Governors. Though now competing for an audience with TV, movies, and surfing the Web, we still firmly believe in the importance of live theatre, not only as an outlet for the creative talent in the community, but as an artistic enterprise capable of entertaining, informing, and inspiring its audience.

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  Chicago, IL

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