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221 N Independence Ave, Enid, OK 73701, USA

About Gaslight Theatre

​The Gaslight Theatre of Enid, Oklahoma, was founded in 1966 under its original name of Enid Community Theatre. Gaslight is one of Oklahoma’s oldest and most active community theatres. Enid Community Theatre’s organizational mission is twofold: to provide a wide spectrum of high quality theatrical entertainment to a broad audience in Enid and the surrounding communities, and to provide a setting for nonprofessional actors, directors, designers, and technicians to learn and practice their art.

The theatre has been housed in an old TV studio in the 200 Block of East Randolph, later made its home in a converted warehouse in the 200 block of East Maple and in 1989 came to its present location at 221 N. Independence. The current theatre was purchased and fully renovated with tremendous community support. Built as the Billings Theatre in the early twentieth century, 221 N. Independence was home to vaudeville and other live performances. Over the next 50 years, it went through several incarnations becoming the Criterion Movie House, then evolved into the Chief Movie Theatre and in the mid-70s became the Cinema Twin, never going dark for any extended length of time.

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Bailey Elizabeth Wilson

Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Enid, Oklahoma

1 production