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7287 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030, USA

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Germinal Stage, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation (dba Germinal Stage Denver), was founded by four Denver actors, Ed Baierlein, Sallie Diamond, Ginger Valone, and Jack McKnight, in August of 1973 and is one of the longest-lived and most respected small theatres in the Rocky Mountain region. For the first thirteen years of our existence, we performed in a converted warehouse at 18th & Market Streets in Lower Downtown. After 1987, we owned a 100-seat converted storefront in the historic North Denver Sunnyside neighborhood. In December of 2012, we sold this building and, beginning in spring/summer of 2014 were in residence at the 73rd Avenue Playhouse in Westminster CO. In addition to our normal performance schedule, we have performed at Seattle's Bumbershoot Civic Arts Festival, twice at Denver's "Spree" arts festival, toured as part of the Colorado Council on the Arts & Humanities' state "Chautauqua" tour, co-produced the Denver premieres of two operas, presented several World Premieres, and performed as guests of the American Theatre Company in Aspen.

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