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The Milburn Stone Theatre

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North East, MD

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Theater, music, dance and art are proudly brought to Cecil County by the Milburn Stone Theatre. The Milburn Stone is the leading performing arts theater serving the northeast region of Maryland, conveniently located off exit 100B of I-95.  A comprehensive organization, the Milburn Stone is accountable for a variety of missions within the theater facility including college, community, and public activities. The Milburn Stone staff is responsible for assisting the College in presenting activities that require use of the theater and affords community organizations the opportunity to present their offerings in a quality rental facility.  The theatre is named after the late actor, Milburn Stone, who starred as "Doc Adams" in the long running TV Western Gun Smoke. His wife and daughter have been long time benefactors of the theatre.  The Milburn Stone Theatre produces nine to ten plays each season and is always interested in adding new members to their Company as actors, technicians, front of house, and publicity. To learn more about the Milburn Stone Theatre contact S. Lee Lewis (410) 287-1023 or email

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