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121 E Center St, Oakland, MD 21550, United States

About Our Town Theatre

The mission of Our Town Theatre is to stimulate the intellectual, cultural, artistic, and social growth of our community by promoting every aspect of the performing arts.

Jane B. Avery, our founder, taught elementary grades through high school in Garrett County. She staged plays at Southern High School and Garrett College, as part of Garrett Lakes Arts Festival, as well as collaborations with Nancy Learey, founder of the Garrett Choral Society.

In 1994 Jane B. Avery toured the United States with her beloved Max the Wonder Dog and formed her ideas for community theatre in Garrett County. Upon return she shared her ideas with theatre friends who believed in Jane’s dreams and offered their support.

Jane bought this building at 121 Center Street in Oakland, Maryland, from the Garrett County Historical Society on April 28, 1997. She convened a Board of Directors the following month. At the first meeting the Board voted to name this theatre Our Town Theatre; the play by that name was Jane’s master’s thesis at Pitt, and it is staged here every ten years, with the next in 2020, if you’d like to audition. Jane was named the first Artistic Director, and Ben Sincell the first Technical Director. The charter Board also adopted Jane’s recommendation for the mission statement:

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