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Saratoga, CA

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WVLO was formed in 1964 with the objective of promoting cultural activity in the area and providing opportunities for anyone with dramatic aspirations to take part in theatrical productions under the guidance of experienced Play Directors. WVLO performs three Broadway type musicals each season at the Saratoga Civic Theater in Saratoga CA.
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(408) 268-3777


13777 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070, United States


Gary Stanford Jr.

Performer, Artistic Staff, Fan

  Woodside, CA


Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Campbell, CA

Jason McTester

  Redwood City, California

Nique Eagen

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  San Jose, California

Jessica Whittemore

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  San Jose, CA

Leslie Newport

Performer, Actor, Singer

  San Jose, CA

Rebecca Brownson

Performer, Artistic Staff, Fan

  San Jose, California

Chris Cruz

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  San Jose, California

Kate Matheson

  San Francisco, California

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