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Orinda, CA

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OUR VISION California Shakespeare Theater is essential to the vitality of Bay Area’s diverse communities. OUR MISSION With Shakespeare’s depth of humanity as our touchstone, we build character and community through authentic, inclusive, and joyful theater experiences. OUR VALUES: 1. Diversity and Inclusion. Everyone has a voice, and we are better artistically and financially for including their voices. 2. Artistic Risk. We are at our most creative when we go beyond our comfort zone. 3. Learning. We get better when we seek out new ideas and methodologies to enact our mission. 4. Environmental Responsibility. We strive to create, not to deplete or destroy. 5. Joy. Everything we do should possess a palpable feeling of joy. 6. Authenticity. If it isn’t real, it won’t connect. 7. Financial health. Without it, nothing we do would be possible.
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100 California Shakespeare Theater Way, Orinda, CA 94563, USA


Nemuna Ceesay

Performer, Fan, Actor

  New York, New York

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