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12366 S 900 E, Draper, UT 84020, United States

About Draper Historic Theatre

The Draper Historic Theatre (DHT) creates opportunities for community members to develop and share their theatrical talents with friends and family. Participants of all ages have the opportunity to act, sing, dance or learn the technical aspects of theatre including lighting, sound design, costuming, and set construction. Four of the six shows are musicals, which allow whole families to participate in the performance. Each year, a special DHT Kidz performance is slated creating the opportunity for as many as 120 children under the age of 18 to perform on stage.

The value of DHT comes in its affordability and accessibility. With DHT being strictly not for profit, none of the actors are paid, nor are they charged to perform. This creates the opportunity for aspiring actors or even local housewives to perform and gain experience on a smaller stage. It also allows for cost effective ticket prices.

The Draper Historic Theatre has strong cultural and historical significances to the community. In 1938, Annie Pearl and John A. Howell family built a movie house named “The Pearl.” Vaudeville performances would start off the evening followed by a movie or two. Many locals felt fortunate to have a first run theatre right in their small town. For many generations this building, now on the Draper Historic Register, served as a gathering place for the south end of the valley. In 1988, the theater was purchased by Charles and Vanessa Nelson, who added theatrical lighting, sound and expanded the stage, enabling the presentation of live shows. With humble beginnings, DHT grew into what could be called “the best kept secret in the valley.” Ten years later, DHT became a non-profit organization and in 2004 the Board of Directors purchased the building from the Nelsons through a major fund raising effort. Having the organization purchase the building allows for the theater to truly belong to the Draper community.

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