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Hopkinsville, KY

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Campanile Productions produced its first show in 2009 with Bye Bye Birdie. We got our feet wet directing Beauty and the Beast with the Pennyrile Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. The next year we decided to give it a go and Campanile Productions began with Bye Bye Birdie. We are now a non-profit community theater organization. We currently rent a warehouse/rehearsal space (The "old" Goodwill building) on Ft. Campbell Boulevard in Hopkinsville. We rent the Alhambra Theater for our performances. Our goal is to entertain, inspire and educate. Our vision for Campanile productions is to become that focal point in our community for quality entertainment. A reminder to both the cast and audience that they also can rise above their circumstances. The result is a stronger community because its citizens have been reminded that they have purpose and can strive for excellence. They develop a sense of pride in who they are and take ownership of the community in which they live. “What is the significance of the name Campanile? Campanile comes from the Italian word meaning bell tower. Bell towers are either a part of a larger building like a church or a civil administrative building or a free standing tower. Many bell towers use carillons to produce musical tones to send out a message; a gentle reminder of the current time as well as a reflection of time gone by.
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Hopkinsville, KY, USA


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