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Arlington Heights, IL, USA

About Main Street Opera

MSO is now in its seventh year of operations and continues to evolve as an organization. Its beginnings owe to the vibrant Chicago arts culture and a passion to extend its reach. Though Chicago has world-class operatic organizations like Lyric Opera and Chicago Opera Theatre, there are many in the greater Chicago area, especially the suburban population, who do not regularly experience professional opera, operetta, or music theatre at its finest. Long distances, expense of tickets and travel, and convenient access have left this large potential audience unfulfilled. Recognizing this demand through internal studies and informal surveys, MSO was formed in 2010.

MSO also took the important step of articulating its artistic character. The Company now includes three distinct methods of showcasing its core competency – MSO (opera only productions), MSO Singers (perform mixed genre Opera/Classical/Broadway) and Main Street Cabaret (performs only Broadway and popular music). Some of our professional performers are able to move between all three musical groups.

We’re entering a new phase by moving to Cincinnati Ohio. We’re looking forward to continue our mission in this wonderfully musical community.

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Sarah Sapperstein

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Chicago, IL

1 production

Emily Chidlow-Robles

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Fox River Grove, IL

1 production