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Portland, ME, USA

About University Of Southern Maine

At USM, Theatre majors learn by doing.

Through a wide-ranging production season, inter-disciplinary collaborations, community and school outreach, and interactive theatre experiences, the USM Department of Theatre contributes to the rich cultural, creative, and artistic life of the greater Portland area and the state of Maine.

We graduate majors of the Department of Theatre who are talented innovators in their art form, and articulate, knowledgeable, caring members of our 21st century global society.

Learning Outcomes for Students undertaking a B.A. in Theatre at USM: Every Theatre major will:

  • Be able to analyze a dramatic text in terms of form, structure, content, design concept and stagecraft.
  • Be able to express through performance and/or production (written, verbal, aural and visual) the results of research and critical analysis.
  • Be able to effectively communicate to an audience through at least one of the components of theatrical craft.
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to problem solve and create collaboratively.
  • Acquire and apply transferable skills for non-theatre based disciplines.

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Sarah Flagg

Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Portsmouth, NH

2 productions