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Whitefield, NH, USA

About Weathervane Theatre

Whitefield, NH has been home to the Weathervane since its founding in 1966. The Theatre sits proudly on Route 3 (Lancaster Road) a few miles north of the quaint village. A 250-seat capacity auditorium has no obstructed views and is arranged in tiered seating with no seat further than 40 feet from the stage. Center and side aisles make access easy from three entryways. The Box Office operates daily during the season.

The performance signature of the Weathervane is the practice of performing seven Mainstage productions in 8 weeks, scheduled in alternating repertory with a core Company of resident professional actors. Lively musicals, droll comedies and moving dramas alternate Monday through Saturday in July and August. Since 1966 the theatre has produced a wide variety of titles as listed here: 52 Seasons of Shows.

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