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3868 Dayton Xenia Rd, Dayton, OH 45432, USA

About Beavercreek Community Theatre

OUR PURPOSE Many Beavercreek residents are interested or involved in the arts, but without BCT there would be only limited opportunities for local residents to participate in theatre in Beavercreek. Talented residents, including numerous young people, would have to go to other communities for theatre opportunities.

ACHIEVING OUR GOALS Achieving our primary goal, COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT was limited until we constructed a permanent theatre–a wonderful new home for BCT. Through the generosity of the Lofino family, who provided space in the Lofino Senior Adult Enrichment and Cultural Arts Center, and numerous government organizations and private supporters, we now have the home we need and are on the way to achieving our full potential! Our new home has allowed BCT to offer full seasons of theatrical productions (including well-known musicals, comedies, and dramas), to publicize and encourage community involvement in the arts, and to develop a Children’s Theater program (offering youth productions and courses in theatre production and performance). In order to achieve our primary mission, we are strengthening our membership and building teams of people in all areas of theatre, including acting, directing, set design and construction, lighting and sound, costumes, make-up, stage management, and publicity.

OUR MISSION Our mission at BCT is the pursuit of excellence in live theatre. We believe that the presence of a strong, dynamic dramatic organization enhances the community by providing people of all age groups with opportunities for expression and by promoting leadership through participation in the theatre arts. BCT strives to be an exciting, efficient, and productive organization.

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Micah Koverman

Performer, Actor, Voice-over

  Dayton, Ohio

2 productions

Brielle Ruggs

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Dayton, Ohio

1 production