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4220 Forsyth Rd, Macon, GA 31210, USA

About Macon Little Theatre

Macon Little Theatre is the oldest, continuously running community theatre under the same name in the southeast. The theatre opened its doors to the public on March 14, 1934 with the presentation of Hay Fever. It all began in the old Ideal Laundry building on the corner of Riverside Drive and First Street. Local performing artists displayed their talent while local visual artists helped decorate sets and costumes. With 200 charter members and packed houses, Macon Little Theatre was the social place to be. In 1961, construction began on Forsyth Road so that the first real theatre could be used for its 29th season. The state of the art location would include auditorium seating for 350 people, dressing rooms, a lobby, and an orchestra pit. No seat was to be further than 60 feet from the stage. This expansion allowed for up to 2000 season ticket members. One of the traditions of Macon Little Theatre is its use of demitasse cups for serving coffee during intermission. This developed during WWII when the need for rationing began. The ladies who were supporters of the theatre would go around to their neighbors and acquire as much coffee as possible to serve during intermission. So that everyone who attended the large audiences of each production could be served, the small demitasse cups were used to keep portion sizes small. Many of the cups that are used today have been around since then, maintaining this unique, historical tradition.

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