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2227 Brainard St, New Orleans, LA 70113, USA

About The Tennessee Williams Theatre

Tennessee Williams was passionate about New Orleans. We are passionate about both.

Founded in 2015, we are the first theatre in the United States to focus exclusively on the works of America's greatest playwright, Tennessee Williams.

We're dedicated to sharing Williams' unique brand of poetic and often expressionistic theatre with the New Orleans community—an audience which appreciates theatre events as rich, musical, and immersive experiences. We seek to produce Williams plays which are bold, unafraid, poignant, and staggering in their beauty—just as he wrote them.

Join us and we promise to create something intriguing for experienced and new theatre-goers alike. We look forward to collaborating with local artists and organizations to present the highest quality offerings possible. We aim to offer our audiences a chance to see every Tennessee Williams play at one time or another, in one iteration or another. We are sure that our supporters will be surprised and exhilarated by the breadth and diversity of Williams' masterful works.

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