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Mt Olive, NC 28365, USA

About University of Mount Olive

The School of Arts and Sciences embraces the liberal arts tradition of the University of Mount Olive. Each department offers studies that promote artistic, intellectual, physical and spiritual achievement and growth. UMO enables our students to participate in a learning community that enriches the lives of our students and the communities we serve.

Programs within the School of Arts and Sciences take a student-centered learning approach to education. A wide variety of classroom and hands-on opportunities is provided that bring theory into practice. These include practicum experience, internships, professional development such as conference attendance, planning and participating in community events, volunteerism in the public/private sector, lab work and artistic productions. Graduates from UMO leave with real-world experience.

Interwoven into each of these educational programs and experiences is the development of faith and character. Integrating faith and building character is at the center of who we are as a University. We offer a sound foundation to continue being productive thinkers and leaders beyond UMO. As one student noted, my education at UMO is not a “means to an end” it is a “MEANS TO A BEGINNING.”

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