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3708 Woodbury Dr, Austin, TX 78704, USA

About The Institution Theater

The Institution Theater started in the Fall of 2007. Tom Booker left his job teaching at The Second City Los Angeles, loaded up his Saturn, said “Goodbye” to Hollywood and headed east to start an Improv School and Theater in Austin, Texas. The Institution Theater came from humble beginnings, starting out with just one single improv class that met at Esther’s Follies every Saturday afternoon. Soon that one class sprouted into two more improv classes and an Audition Workshop.

As The Institution Theater grew, more teachers were needed. In 2009, the amazing Asaf Ronen joined the teaching staff (which now numbered two teachers) at The Institution Theater. Asaf Ronen’s groundbreaking ideas and vast teaching experience has put The Institution Theater on the cutting edge of the evolution of the Art Of Improvisation.

Even though The Institution Theater lacked a performance space of it’s very own, many groups coming out of The Institution Theater and influenced by The Institution Theater began performing around Austin to great critical acclaim. Among those groups were “Confidence Men”, “Baxter & Bernard”, “Sword Fight”, “Grey Matters”, “Church Potluck” and many more.

In 2010, The Institution Theater added Ted Meredith and Kristin Firth to their teaching staff. Added to what can easily be considered the most experience Improv teaching staff in Texas. And a little bit later, The Institution Theater teamed up with The Highball to present “Teen Angst Tuesdays”, “The Best Of Everything” and “The Nearly Complete Works of Harry Potter In About An Hour.”

In May of 2011, The Institution Theater moved into it’s “Starter Theater” just of South Congress in South Austin (3708 Woodbury Ave.) where they are in the process of building their very own 50 seat theater for improvised performances and other theatrical extravaganzas.

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