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Upland, CA, USA

About The Grove Theater

The Grove Theatre is located in the historical downtown Upland. Originally a movie theatre, it was built in 1947 by the Western Amusement Company, who, according to a Boxoffice article of that date, was operating 22 other southland movie houses. The art deco Grove opened to a great fanfare, complete with red carpets, Klieg lights and Roddy McDowell as the Master of Ceremonies. A notable feature of the theatre was the soundproof booths at the back, with glass windows and speakers that piped in the sound. This allowed patrons a place to take their crying children and watch the movie without annoying other movie goers.

In 1990, the theatre was purchased by Bill and Sherry Kinison and opened in February of 1991. Since then it has had 28 seasons of dramatic and musical theatre for both adults and children. The Theatre produced their shows as well as bring in national shows such as Church Basement Ladies, WaistWatchers and Menopause the Musical, which was such a success it ran for 9 months the first time it was here, that they brought it back two more times.

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Seraphina van Malkenhorst

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Claremont, CA

6 productions

Lisa Miller

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Los Angeles, CA

1 production