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Centerville, UT

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CenterPoint’s legacy began with the arrival of the first pioneers in the Davis County area and continued through the creation of Ralph Rodger’s Pages Lane Theater founded in 1990 and Davis County Performing Arts Corporation with its inception in 1996. With the success of the small Rodgers Memorial venue and the support of our South Davis County community, a case was made for a regional performing arts center, which resulted in our current home, the Davis Center for the Performing Arts. We boast a 62,000 square foot, multi-venue theater facility, located in Centerville UT. The facility contains a main stage theater inclusive of a Gala Lift, an intimate black box theater, a small outdoor amphitheater, and various support spaces such as rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, and set/costume construction areas. In a given year, we are able to expose over 500 performers to the unique experience of live theatre. Our volunteers double that number in support back stage and behind the scenes. CenterPoint Theatre gives back to the community not only through providing outlets for youth and volunteerism but through the many programs available to the community such as our Acting Academy for youth, “Friend to Friend” a special needs program which offers local disabled children an artistic experience free of charge, “Fairytale Festival” promoting imagination and story telling for youth, and our “BRAVO!” program which provides a unique educational theatre experience for High School Students in Davis County.
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Kenzie Spehar

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Salt Lake City, UT

Samantha Jay

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Salt Lake City, UT

Tyler Palo

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  London, England

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