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3255 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, USA

About Halcyon Theatre

Based in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, Halcyon Theatre was formed in 2006 to connect people, transform our borders and ascend toward a more just union.

We create theatre that looks like our world. Representation matters. We feel it deeply when it’s absent. If we can’t see ourselves, it’s almost impossible to welcome another with our whole hearts. If we can’t see another as their whole self, we can’t listen to them with our whole hearts. That’s something we think our whole country is missing right now.

Our artistic philosophy is driven by our continuing belief that at every point of human history where there has been an explosion of artistic creativity, it has happened when different cultures and traditions have listened and learned from each other.

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Denise Hoeflich

Performer, Actor

  Chicago, Illinois

3 productions