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49 Baltimore St, Cumberland, MD 21502, USA

About Embassy Theatre

The historic Embassy Theatre opened its doors to the public on November 18, 1931. It was the height of the Great Depression. Although many had less than good fortune, people needed those fantasy realms the movies could provide, giving the Jacob Kauffman family an incentive to build the Embassy Theatre on Cumberland’s Baltimore Street.

Grace M. Fisher, manager of the Capitol Theatre, leased the Embassy, and gave every attention to detail to ensure the luxury and comfort of her patrons. Everyone was welcome to witness the new Art Deco visual splendor, first-rate silver screen, and perfect acoustics of the Embassy, built with an orchestra section and balcony to accommodate over 400 customers. For the stay-all-day price of 50 cents, viewers could purchase a ticket at the box office, enjoy the marble water fountains in the lobby, or go upstairs for snacks before settling into comfortable leather seats to enjoy the first-run bill of fare.

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Timothy Bambara

Performer, Actor

  Cumberland, MD

5 productions