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130 Broad Blvd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221, USA

About Act It Up! Theater Group

Act-It UP! Community Theatre was created in 2009, an inspiration of Shari Lynn Jackson, Director of the 2009 Historical Lantern Tour for Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Cuyahoga Falls. One of the common beliefs of Congregationalists is that we are bound by our faith to share the love of Christ using all our gifts. So, after returning to theatre performance and re-discovering her love of it, it was only natural that this love of theater entwines with her faith journey.

There are many things that all theatrical productions have in common. Their preparation brings people together with a creative goal. Sometimes, they are people who might not necessarily cross over into one another’s lives or see things from a different perspective. They can be groups that span a wide range of ages, different backgrounds, and abilities. They inspire teamwork and offer the gift of learning from one another. They bring opportunities to problem solve with one another, to build on one another’s creativity; they inspire an environment for growth in many different aspects of life. They offer teaching experiences and unique ways of self-examination. They, in effect, can change us personally and the lives we live.

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Christina Worcester

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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