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Scottsdale, AZ, USA

About Christian Youth Theater

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is an after-school theater arts training program for students ages 4-18. Since its founding in 1980, CYT has grown to be the largest youth theater program in the nation, with Branches across the country training thousands of students a year.

Each Branch’s yearly calendar is made up of three ten-week sessions: Fall, Winter,and Spring. These sessions involve after-school classes in theater arts and the opportunity to audition and perform in a Broadway-style musical or work behind-the-scenes. Additionally, CYT offers a Summer session consisting of camps, workshops, and performance opportunities.

CYT stands in the forefront in its commitment to the highest ethical, moral, technical, and artistic standards of excellence. Instructors are professionals, qualified in teaching and/or performing, who understand our mission statement, values, objectives, and goals.

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josie jones

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Overland Park, Kansas

7 productions

Jackson Royce Lawrence

Performer, Actor, Dancer


1 production

Christopher Kaufman

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Coeur d'Alene, ID

16 productions

Maggie Marx

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Shawnee, KS

9 productions

Naomi Townsend

Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Kyle, TX

1 production

KJ Welcher

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Augusta, GA

2 productions

Zach Faust

Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Kansas City, MO

5 productions

Mya Edwards

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Spokane, Washington

1 production

Errol Service

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Detroit, MI

1 production