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311 W 18th St, Houston, TX 77008, USA

About Hits, Miller Outdoor Theater

Since 1980, HITS Theatre has engaged children in high-quality, performing arts education. Our nurturing atmosphere and trained instructors give students the opportunity to grow and perform on stage, whether the children are novices or more seasoned. Our philosophy is to use positive affirmations and a safe learning environment to:

deliver professional arts training, enrich lives through cultural experiences and talent development, and provide a creative outlet for children regardless of their financial background. While all our students enjoy HITS classes, some also choose to pursue careers in acting long-term.

HITS is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that relies on the generous donations of our supporters. We are located in the historic Houston Heights, where we lead instruction and host performances throughout the year. Additionally, HITS has partnered with Miller Outdoor Theatre and the City of Houston to present Broadway-style productions for Houstonians and visitors, free of charge, since 1987.

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Allison Daniels

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Dallas, TX

1 production

Hannah Hale

Performer, Artistic Staff, Fan

  Spring, Texas

2 productions