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Columbus, OH, USA

About Shadowbox Live

Shadowbox Live® is the largest resident ensemble theater company in America. Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1988, the company’s ever-changing body of work encompasses original metamedia productions, rockumentaries, dance theater, and sketch comedy/rock ‘n’ roll revues. The blending of traditional theatrical disciplines with a self-branded “rock aesthetic” has garnered significant critical acclaim necessitating a virtually unparalleled production schedule. The organization’s 45-plus member award-winning troupe delivers over 400 performances over 19 different original productions annually. Shadowbox Live® thrives on projects which deepen its impact on the community through creative artistic collaborations, innovative educational programming, and engaging corporate events and partnerships.

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Cindi Verbelun

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  South Euclid, Ohio

1 production