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Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, USA

About Accompany of Kids

The Accompany of Kids, affectionately known as “AOK,” celebrate their 30th Gala in 2020. They have been performing in the area since 1988. The AOK “Kids” audition every six months, rehearse in Menomonee Falls, hail from many different communities and backgrounds, but as you will see, all of the “Kids,” share the combined love of performing, with great harmonies and high-spirited dance techniques.

In addition to two big theater performances each year (Holiday in December and Gala in March), the Accompany of Kids perform year round at many parks, festivals, special events, private and corporate functions. They also offer a two-week summer theater camp that is opened to anyone.

The AOK Kids also put in many hours of community service and senior outreach. They have the honor of being the Musical Ambassadors of Menomonee Falls and have earned the Betterment of the Community Award.

The Accompany of Kids offers programs for children starting as young as age five, through age 20. Many of the “Kids” stay in this group for many years, where they not only develop great vocal and dance techniques, but also great memories, and life-long friendships! If you are looking for fantastic entertainment, look no further!! We are the Accompany of Kids organization and we have been performing for over 30 years!

Accompany of Kids is a group of young, gifted singers and dancers, and a non-profit organization. The mission of Accompany of Kids is to provide young people the opportunity to gain self-confidence, leadership skills, and grow into productive and successful adults through the use of the arts.

We have 40 to 60 kids, ages 8 through 20, who sing and dance to all kinds of music such as Swing, Patriotic, Broadway, Oldies, Rock & Roll and more. We even offer classes throughout the year for children starting as young as age 5! We can put on a show tailored to your needs from number of performers to the length of the shows anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes.

We are a non-profit organization that depends on the generosity of Corporate Sponsors. We have costumes galore and our children are well-behaved and professional. We have our own sound equipment or we can adapt to whatever might be available at your venue.

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Kora Arnett

Performer, Actor, Singer

  South Jordan, Utah

1 production

Benjamin Schulz

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Germantown, WI

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