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3427 E Minnezona Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA

About Scottsdale Musical Theatre Company

Bringing Broadway's Favorites Back to Life' - This one phrase alone embodies the driving force behind Scottsdale Musical Theater Company. Musicals are America's greatest contribution to the history of theater. The majority of theater audiences look forward to the familiarity of recognizable titles, stories and music. Now in its 10th year, SMTC prides itself on presenting fully-staged concert versions of famous Broadway musicals. All of our shows feature the best talent from around the valley and a full live 20+ piece orchestra so that these shows can be heard and appreciated by audiences of all ages.

Starting in 2020, SMTC is proud to present their shows at the nationally recognized Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Since 1975, SCA has been providing audiences with affordable access to unparalleled artists, diverse and inclusive programs, relevant and cutting-edge experiences, and performances from around the globe.

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Dalton John

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Phoenix, AZ

2 productions