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Lynchburg, VA, USA

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Theatre Arts: Tell the Stories That Shape Our Culture

Develop your craft and sharpen your skills as you prepare for a career in theatre arts. Gain the hands-on theatrical experience you need through our academic productions and even jump-start your career with the opportunity to earn professional credits through our very own Alluvion Stage Company. Here, you can also benefit from our tradition of original works— integrated from start to finish which can offer you a comprehensive stage experience.

Taught from a Christian worldview, classes in Liberty’s Theatre Arts Department emphasize storytelling and the development of skills required for employment in the industry.

Choose from a BFA in Musical Theatre, a BFA in Acting, a BA or BS in Theatre Arts. And now, any major can add on a minor in Dance and Theatre Arts.

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Madeline Rasmusson

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Buffalo, NY

3 productions

Ava Stevens

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Lynchburg, VA

5 productions

Haley O'Meara

Performer, Teacher, Fan

  Stgo, Santiago Province

1 production