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30 Academy St, Auburn, ME 04210, USA

About Community Little Theater

Started in 1940, Community Little Theatre's first performance was to an invited audience. In 1941 its first public performance took place in the same location where Community Little Theatre performs today. Known as the Edward Little High School Auditorium in 1941, its name changed to Central School Auditorium in the early 1960's and some twenty plus years later it became known as the Great Falls School Auditorium. From 1953 to 1978 the Sons of Italy Hall on Sylvan Avenue in Lewiston served as the club house for CLT, but performances still took place at Great Falls School. Sets were assembled, lights were hung, lines rehearsed and a play was presented to a live audience.

In 1981, Community Little Theatre entered into an agreement with the Auburn School Department to occupy and renovate the Great Falls School Auditorium on Academy Street in Auburn. This agreement was sough out by the Community Little Theatre because of two issues with which the organization was faced. One issue was the need to dispose of the old club house. The quarters at the club house were cramped and the rising costs of maintenance and fuel were taking a toll on the treasury. The second issue was the need for a more modern theater. CLT productions were becoming more professional and the theater group needed a theater that better reflected its professional objectives. The organization began exploring different sites that could serve as a home for meetings, rehearsals and performances. The theater searched out grange halls, store fronts and Auburn's old fire house. Then the idea of renovating Great Falls Auditorium was explored. It was an empty space used by no one. With some ideas, Community Little Theatre approached the Auburn School Department, worked out an agreement and started fund raising in the fall of 1981. Contributing to the fund raising efforts were the cities of Auburn and Lewiston. They each gave CLT $10,000.

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Meghan Rivard

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  Lewiston, Maine

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Noah Keneborus

Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Turner, ME

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