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1661 Park Ridge Dr, Chaska, MN 55318, USA

About Chaska Valley Family Theatre

In 1995, a group of former Chaska High School students teamed up to form a community theater with a special mission - To provide audiences a high quality, live theater experience featuring local talent, with an emphasis on family involvement - and Chaska Valley Family Theatre was formed. Since that first production of “Annie,” CVFT has produced dozens of performances that have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of patrons. Using a variety of talented local directors, CVFT currently produces several shows each season. Our mission comes out of our CORE VALUES, which are: QUALITY: To provide quality productions and experiences, on and off stage, with passionate, hard-working teams and solid organizational leadership FAMILY-FRIENDLY: We work to provide an environment that is welcoming and respectful, casting families together whenever possible in order to create fun-filled experiences and lifelong memories. COMMUNITY: We recognize the role of the arts in our community, and will ensure that our activities are affordabe and accessible to everyone, and they they are participatory for people ofrom all walks of life.

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Jennifer Farrell

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Plymouth, MN

1 production