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Studio Arts/HPES Building, 2314 S Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40208, USA

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As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Theatre Arts Department is committed to a liberal arts education for undergraduate students. The ancient art of theatre is most fully understood and exists at its deepest and most intimate level through the creation of performances shared with an audience. Doing so demands a deep array of knowledge and skill combined with a professional attitude and work ethic that can serve students throughout their lives in whatever profession they choose.

We believe that these goals, abilities, and attitudes should be evident daily in both our classrooms and our rehearsal rooms. Students who internalize this way of thinking and working are prepared extraordinarily well for any goal they pursue in the future.

The Theatre Arts department fosters creativity, collaboration, discipline, and artistic growth in its students and embraces the theatre as a means of creative expression, cultural understanding, social development, and historical perspective.

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Madeline Dickerson

Performer, Artistic Staff, Fan

  Louisville, Kentucky

4 productions