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Charlotte, NC, USA

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A certified 501c3 Non Profit. BNS Productions started with a vision to mentor the youth and to assist veterans and their families. Being a veteran himself, and as the product of a military family, Rory experienced the needs and challenges many military families face during a time of deployment. Rory has always been active with the community. He credits The P.A.L (Police Athletic League) for shaping his life as a young man growing up in a single mother household. Several men took Rory under their wings teaching him life skills, through sports, financial responsibility, grooming and yes even how to date a young lady. It is these lessons that taught him how to pay it forward. Rory is very active in the community. His community activeness is not limited to veterans and their families. Rory mentors young high school boys with making life decisions. (i.e. military or college) He also supports less fortunate children with school supply drives and theatre workshops.

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