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4700 Grover Ave, Austin, TX 78756, USA

About Paradox Players

Paradox Players originated in 1999, the minister of First UU Church of Austin assembled church members who had expressed an interest in drama. The original group functioned as a drama resource for the minister,creating what we call Sunday Shorts, presented in the sanctuary during Sunday services. In May 2000, we produced our initial Main Stage public production. Over the years since Paradox Players has grown significantly in audience size and reputation. We currently produce three plays a year, each production running three weekends. View our History page for more information.

Sunday Shorts are short scenes or one-act plays that highlight a particular theme or subject relevant to the minister’s sermon, and are presented during the Sunday worship service. Some are published scripts, others are written in-house. They are often cast and directed by church members, other times by members of the community at large.

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