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Toronto, ON, Canada

About Theatre at Eastminster

Founded in 2015, Theatre@Eastminster grew out of a fundraising initiative in support of East End United, Eastminister Campus’s major, ongoing accessibility initiative. Proceeds from our productions continue to support this work. We have made the theme of accessibility a key focus, too, for our productions. Our goal is to introduce new, challenging plays to Toronto’s East End community, while developing approaches to audience experience that emphasize accessibility and inclusivity.

We hope our audiences see the cultural, social, and economic challenges they may face reflected back to them in our performances. Through this, we strive to build collective understanding, empathy, and connection. Theatre is not simply an art form, but can be a proactive search for solutions in our society. We truly believe that theatre is for everybody. Our productions explore themes of community, mental health, spiritual well-being, faith, hope, and love, while affirming the full spectrum of human experience.

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