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327 S Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA

About Pittsburgh Musical Theater

At Pittsburgh Musical Theater, our mission is to provide a performing arts education to the Pittsburgh area and develop and employ local talent. Through our teaching and practicing, we help students become better performers so they can act, dance, and sing with confidence in their talents and abilities. At our performance arts theater in Pittsburgh, PA, we staff engaging and passionate instructors who will help you learn to sing, dance, and perform for anticipating and excited audiences.

Not only do we offer classes during the spring and fall, but we also offer summer programs for young artists ages 4 - 18, as well as a master series for those who are more advanced. Additionally, we reach students by producing matinees during the school year. These allow schools to introduce students to the musical theater on a regular basis.

As a non-profit theater, we're focused on helping the local community develop and grow through music, song, and dance.

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Lindsay Ferreira

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Memphis, Tennessee

1 production

Madigan Balfe

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Pittsburgh, PA

2 productions