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Westport Country Playhouse

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25 Powers Ct, Westport, CT 06880, USA

About Westport Country Playhouse

Westport Country Playhouse is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit, professional theater under the artistic direction of Mark Lamos and management leadership of Michael Barker.

The mission of Westport Country Playhouse is to enrich, enlighten, and engage our community through the power of professionally produced theater worth talking about and the welcoming experience of our Playhouse campus.

We create this relationship with our community and provide this experience in multiple ways:

  1. From April to November, we offer live theater experiences of the highest quality.

  2. We provide educational and community engagement events and opportunities to further explore issues presented by the work on stage.

  3. We offer special performances and programs for students and teachers with extensive curriculum support material.

  4. We offer Script in Hand play readings throughout the year to deepen our relationships with audiences and artists alike.

  5. During the summer months we offer the renowned Woodward Internship Program for aspiring theater professionals.

    1. From November through March, we offer Family Festivities presentations to delight young and old alike and to promote reading through live theater.
  6. The beautiful and historic Playhouse campus is open for enjoyment and community events year-round. The value of the Westport Country Playhouse to all it touches is immeasurable.

Originally built in 1835 as a tannery manufacturing hatters’ leathers, it became a steam-powered cider mill in 1880, later to be abandoned in the 1920s. Splendidly transformed into a theater in 1931, it initially served as a try-out house for Broadway transfers, evolving into an established stop on the New England straw hat circuit of summer stock theaters through the end of the 20th century. Following a multi-million dollar renovation completed in 2005, the Playhouse became a state-of-the-art producing theater, preserving its original charm and character.

Today, the not-for-profit Westport Country Playhouse serves as a cultural nexus for patrons, artists and students and is a treasured resource for the State of Connecticut. There are no boundaries to the creative thinking for future seasons or the kinds of audiences and excitement for theater that Westport Country Playhouse can build.

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