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412 Ella St, Beatrice, NE 68310, USA

About Community Players Theatre

Our Mission: It is the mission of Community Players, Inc. to foster, promote, encourage and increase the knowledge, appreciation, and practice of theatre in Beatrice and the surrounding area.

Our Vision: Community Players, Inc. leads Southeast Nebraska to cultural and economic stardom as the center for excellence in the performing arts.

Values Statements:

Professionalism- Comes by maintaining the highest quality and standards in our productions, providing a consistent and polished experience for all patrons and volunteers, and utilizing the latest best practices in all aspects of the administration and business management of the organization.

Involvement- We work to provide a welcoming atmosphere for new volunteers and patrons, showing ongoing appreciation of work, treating all those involved with the organization fairly, and by providing opportunities to provide collaborative feedback for improving the organization.

Impact- We impact the lives of young people through our growing educational programs, provide creative and artistic outlets to all ages, and enlighten the community connecting our productions to broader themes and issues. These efforts enhance the economy and quality of life throughout the community and region.

Innovation- Through ongoing education and development opportunities for staff, board and volunteers we proactively make use of the latest technologies, trends, and concepts allowing us to continually evaluate and diversify our programing to address the needs of our community.

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Ashleigh Fosbinder

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Beatrice, NE

4 productions

Michael Melendez

Performer, Actor, Voice Over

  Murrieta, California

1 production

Brandon Clark

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Beatrice, NE

12 productions

Kayla Jo Pulliam

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Moline, IL

3 productions