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FUSION Theatre Company

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Albuquerque, NM, USA

About FUSION Theatre Company

FUSION strives for a new paradigm reaching beyond traditional means of community engagement and taking innovative, responsible steps to ensure economic and cultural growth within our beloved city and beyond. While offering a full main-stage season, FUSION is especially dedicated to nurturing playwrights through its New Mexico/New Works series and its internationally recognized short play festival, The Seven. Educational opportunity is a mainstay of our mission with accessible children’s theatre productions, internships, and learning programs. In 2017 FUSION launched The FUSION Forum, an economic development project that provides co-operative office, meeting, culinary and rehearsal/performance spaces for practitioners, patrons and supporters of the performing arts. In all ways artistically, culturally, and economically FUSION is a civic meeting place, a forum that incites new work, a safe place for discussion and creative exchange and New Mexico’s own professional theatre.

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