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Coral Gables, FL, USA

About GableStage

Founded in 1979 as Florida Shakespeare Theatre, GableStage originally performed the plays of Shakespeare in repertory, using the outdoor Casino Gardens at Vizcaya. From 1987 to 1992, Florida Shakespeare Theatre was housed in the Minorca Playhouse in Coral Gables, until it was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. But the theatre’s mission could not be destroyed, and it continued to produce at the Carousel Theatre in Coral Gables in 1993 and 1994. In 1999, the theatre moved to its current home, the historic Biltmore Hotel, and became GableStage.

Since 1999, GableStage has been producing quality theatrical productions that encompass themes and ideas relevant to the multicultural South Florida community at Coral Gables’ historic Biltmore Hotel. GableStage is the recipient of 64 Carbonell Awards, a prestigious South Florida theatre award, with over 200 nominations and has recently received the Ruth Forman Award for major advancements in the South Florida theatre scene. In January 2016, Producing Artistic Director Joseph Adler, was deemed Champion of the Arts by the local arts funding group, Citizens Interested in Arts.

The mission of GableStage is to provide the South Florida community with classical, contemporary and new theatrical productions of artistic excellence. We challenge our multicultural audience with innovative productions that entertain as well as confront today’s issues and ideas. By emphasizing nontraditional casting and employing the best of our local creative force, GableStage endeavors to meet the needs of our diverse community. GableStage is committed to the enrichment of the local actor, director, designer and technician by providing the opportunity to achieve artistic acclaim in this region. GableStage believes the future of theatre can be assured only by the development of young audiences. Therefore, our in-house mainstage and in-school touring Educational Programs are major components of our theatre. Furthermore, GableStage welcomes the opportunity to support as many worthy causes as possible through our theatrical production benefits and making the theatre available for use to other cultural and community groups.

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