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450 Maple St, Hathorne, MA 01937, USA

About North Shore Players

The North Shore Players is a safe & fun place where creative people are free to explore their love of theater and the arts. Whether you love performing on stage, creating the magic backstage, or cheering from the audience, we welcome ALL to our creative family! North Shore Players (NSP) is a unique community theatre group with a deep heritage of high quality, entertaining productions. Our roster of performers spans generations reflecting a breadth of talent and experience. It is our philosophy and approach to community theatre that makes us stand apart from similar organizations and is reflected in our members’ experiences. We believe: • theatre should be fun for all participants. • less experienced and novice performers should have the chance to enjoy the excitement and growth of being in a live production. • people of differing talent and capability can join together to create memorable productions that thrill and enthrall audiences. • the process of creating a live theatre production is just as important as the actual production. We believe an entertaining theatre experience arises from the enthusiasm and energy of those involved in the production and not in the size of a budget or the past credits of those performing. The North Shore Players is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Community Theater Group that is dedicated to the performing arts and is now celebrating its 62nd full year!

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Gabrielle Jaques

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Boston, MA

1 production