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We prize the close-knit structure of our undergraduate program. Students come to know faculty well during their time in the department, and faculty take an active interest in students' progress. Course evaluations describe our faculty as dynamic, caring, and enthusiastic participants in students' development.

The program boasts a diverse array of course offerings and training opportunities. Undergraduate students can major or minor in Theatre and Performance Studies. The graduate program in Theatre and Performance Studies trains scholar-artists to develop projects in theatre history, performance studies, critical theory, and cultural analysis in various performance traditions and global contexts.

The Boston area is home to over eighty professional theatre companies and more than twenty dance companies. Students with an interest in pursuing careers in the arts have found opportunities for internships as well as paid positions as actors, assistant directors and dramaturgs, technicians, assistant stage managers, and marketing and outreach interns around the Boston area. Depending on the nature of the work, students may receive course credit for their professional collaborations. Many of our faculty members are active in Boston-area theatre and dance companies and have been able to help students make connections. Tufts offers support in finding and financing internships that enable students to pursue professional theatre opportunities.

Students with an interest in arts education often enjoy collaborating with our summer and year-long children's theatre programs, including Magic Circle Theatre, Creative Arts, and the Collins Players.

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